Wilbur's Tincture Press
Circa 2003


For a number of years this was the official website for Wilbur Nowlin's Wilbur's Tincture Press, a press designed to solve the major challenges associated with pressing out herbal preparations.

When this site's domain registration expired the site disappeared from the WWW. The new owners of wilburstincturepress.com wanted to keep information about Wilbur's Tincture Press visible on the web by recreating the site with 2003 archived content as well as information from other outside sources. Thank you Wilbur Nowlin and Charlotte Tenney for sharing not only this nifty press but also your in depth knowledge about herbs and their preparation.
Although there are newer, high tech tincture presses now available in 2019 which range from the affordable to "oh my goodness", back in the early 2000's this press was very helpful and reasonably priced.


Wilbur's Tincture Press

Overview of Tincture Press Features

Vacuum Pump Kit

Wilbur's Tincture Press has been designed to solve the major challenges associated with pressing out herbal preparations. No more strenuous wringing out in cloth bundles; no more greasy car jacks; no more loss to spillage or gritty end products. This hygienic, vacuum-driven, filter press is simple to assemble, quick and easy to use, fast to clean and takes minimal storage space.  It presses and filters your herbal product in one step. It is suitable for the home herbalist, as well as for the manufacturing or school professional who needs exacting quality and cleanliness.

Wilbur's Tincture Press system harnesses the power of atmospheric pressure to do the pressing, not your muscle power. One of our friends describes it as "using the whole weight of the sky to do the work for you". You may think you understand it, but you need to see it in action to appreciate it.

Basic Components:

Lab Glass Filter Flask;  Filter Funnel; Vacuum Pump; Hose; Storage/Carrying Case

*plus: starter- set of consumables, directions and recipes.

Aluminum Travel Case


Product Line for Wilbur's Tincture Press

The basic kit (consisting of a vacuum pump, 1 liter flask, 1 liter funnel, hose and storage/carrying case) can be augmented to suit your needs.  Larger capacity funnels are available by special order and come with a diverter fitting to expand the capacity of the flask to accommodate up to a gallon.  For those in larger production, we have a 5 gallon  capacity model in development.  Let us know your special needs and we will discuss options to meet them. Look below for kits.

Tincture Press Basic Kit  (new vacuum pump, flask, quart-sized funnel, hose, carrying case, starter kit of consumables) $475* US Dollars

Discount Kit (re-conditioned vacuum pump,  and new, quart-sized funnel, hose, carrying case) Note: While supply lasts; may not always be available.  Warranty on pump is limited. $375* US Dollars

Gallon Size Upgrade Kit ( larger capacity funnel, adapter to direct overflow to storage bottle. This is added to the basic kit to give you flexibility and options for larger batches.)$125 * US Dollars

Large Capacity Kit (includes both the small and large funnels, the reconditioned vacuum motor, hoses, flask and overflow adapter, all in a larger carrying case.) $500 * US Dollars (note: add $100 for kit with new motor)

*Plus Shipping and Handling costs (dependent on shipping method.)

Harness the power of atmospheric pressure.
Get what you've been missing. 
Stop wringing your hands.


Some of  our satisfied customers include:

Michael Moore -" ... it may even un-stick my percolations"

Amanda McQuade-Crawford- " ...the first truly new advance in pressing out tinctures in 100 years"

James Green - " I thought I had seen all the tincture press options; this is a new one and it works well."

Carole Brown -" ... no more straining my back to lift heavy equipment."

Selma Edison -" ... My mother loved it when I gave her Wilbur's Tincture Press as a birthday gift. My mother has used it for manu of her herbal preparations including when she was creating herbal supplements to help my father reduce his cravings for alcohol. She tried 3 herbal supplements commonly seen as self-treatment options for alcohol dependency: St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), and Kudzu (Pueraria lobata). However, none of these herbs showed the results she had hoped for and we decided on a program I found online at LifeBac that offers a different approach from the typical total abstinence 12 step program associated with AA and many alcoholic rehab centers. For those people who are motivated to stop drinking, LifeBac provides two anti craving medication options, plus the ability for the individual to set one's own goals and be guided through the program with a LifeBac guide. One unique aspect of taking anti craving medication is that the person is still allowed to drink. As the LifeBac site says Drink Less, or Not At All – It’s Your Choice! My father was able to go beyond his original goal which was to drink moderately to completely quit drinking alcohol altogether. I think he was a surprised and delighted as we were. On the other hand, my mother is still using her Wilbur's Tincture Press, but for making cool herbal teas for her and my father's general well being, as well as for me when I visit!"



Charlotte & Wilbur in the Herb Garden

Wilbur Nowlin and Charlotte Tenney run a home-based business, producing and selling WILBUR'S TINCTURE PRESS.  Charlotte is an herbalist who teaches herb classes and is an active boardmember in the local chapter of the American Herbalist Guild, as well as the grants administrator for the "Trees for Health" project in San Diego.  Wilbur is a electro-mechanical, technical problem-solver and inventor. Together, they maintain a personal medicinal herb garden, harvest plants, make tinctures and use herbs in their daily lives.

Charlotte Tenney is an herbal educator who gives classes in phyto-medicine applications at Mira Costa College and at Shakti Rising. She has over 20 years of training and experience in growing and using medicinal plants and is a long time member of The San Diego Herb Club, as well as secretary of the local chapter of the American Herbalist Guild. Charlotte is also the grants administrator for the "Trees for Health" medicinal grove project in San Diego's Balboa Park. Charlotte maintains a personal medicinal herb garden, harvests plants, makes tinctures and uses herbs in her daily life. Together with her husband Wilbur Nowlin they run a home-based business, producing and selling Wilburs Tincture Press.

Contact them at : (619) 527-4030  (8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Pacific Standard Time)

2762 Ridgeview Drive   San Diego, CA 92105


Please scroll down to find our contacts list of business friends that you might find of interest for additional herbal needs.

See the product demonstrated at:

  • Southwest Herbal Conference on Botanical Medicine in Tempe, Arizona April 5-6, 2003
  • Quail Botanical Garden Herb Fest in Encinitas, California on April 12-13, 2003
  • San Diego Herb Club Meeting, September 11, 2003
  • American Herbalist Guild Annual Conference  at La Posada Inn in Albuquerque, New Mexico in October 17-19, 2003


Here are some webpages of people, companies and organizations  that we can recommend due to positive personal experiences with them.  They have classes, herb products, plants, seeds and more. Let them know that we said "hi". -Charlotte & Wilbur P.S. We'd like get to know you so we can add you to our list- call us.

In Harmony Herbs - a great source to order quality bulk herbs, seeds, equipment and books. Be sure to ask for James Green's " The Herbal Medicine-Makers Handbook".  It is the most comprehensive instruction manual for making tinctures that we know of. www.inharmonyherbs.com

American Herbalist Guild- an organization for professional and aspiring herbalists. It focusses on promoting integrity and ethics in clinical practice, as well as acting as an effective advocate for botanical medicine practice. www.americanherbalist.com

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine - Michael Moore's site for his school in Bisbee AZ. There are books, articles and I.D. photos of herbs ...many free of cost for downloading. www.swsbm.com

Herbal Educational Services - audio cassettes and proceeding books of conference workshops including "Southwest Confernce on Botanical Medicine" in Tempe and "Medicines from the Earth" conference in Black Mountain, NC.  This is a cost-effective way to learn from the masters when you cannot attend the event. Or use them to record your own conference. www.botanicalmedicine.org

Mountain Rose Herbs - A source of bulk herbs, essential oils, herb processing equipment, books and a terrific list of resource links for all things herbal. www.mountainroseherbs.com/cgi-bin/Main.pl?aid=036726&bid=30

Smoke Plants of North America - a delightful book by Mairi Ross, who gives a very personal and useful account of physical and mental healing powers of herbal smoking. www.smokeplants.com

Self Heal School of Herbal Studies and Healing - San Diego's finest educational resource for plant medicine. The classes are small, focused and hands-on. They also have a clinic for those wishing a health consultation. www.selfhealschool.com

Renaissance Herbs - The website of Dr. Ilya Perlingieri, who creates beautiful herbal gifts and whose new, groundbreaking book, "The Uterine Crisis" is due out in the fall of 2003. www.renherbs.com

Trees for Health Project - This is a Medicinal Tree grove that was planted in San Diego's Balboa Park in 1998 and 2003 by the Herb Club of San Diego. It features over 40 specimens with ID posts listing the common and botanical names. There is a brochure with additional information on the traditional or modern uses of tree parts. The project was made possible through a U.S. Forestry grant called California ReLeaf. If you are visiting San Diego, take yourself on a tour. http://treesforhealth.freeservers.com

Winter Sun Trading Company - a source of quality handmade herbal tinctures, liniments and ceremonial plants. www.wintersun.com